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What’s your vision for your home?  Are you ready for a remodel that brings out the true potential of all your most important living spaces?  Have you been flipping through magazines, wondering if you can actually find a remodeling company with the passion and dedication to bring your dream alive?

We can help bring things together in a beautiful and affordable way. Take a look at some samples of our work and send us your project details so we can provide you with an estimate.

Kitchen Remodel for Santa Rosa, CA

An inviting, open space. Once again the most important room in your home.

Kitchens are often said to be the center of the home. This is where you meet to cook and prepare the food that gives you and your family sustenance and enjoyment in your lives. It’s a place where you gather and discuss the day and nourish your bodies before heading back out into the world.

Sadly, most builders of outdated homes didn’t take the true meaning of a kitchen to heart when they started. They didn’t stop and think about what kitchens mean to the families who use them. And the end result is that most are crammed, confined, and barely functional. They don’t invite.

So what’s your dream for the most important room in your home? How many people should be able to cook at once? How many family members and guests do you want to accommodate and entertain? What are your own personal needs that reflect the way you prepare your food and dine? What do you want your kitchen to say about you? Have a look below to see how we’ve transformed kitchens in the past. Are you ready to bring your kitchen to life?

Bathroom Remodel for Santa Rosa, CA

Sometimes small, sometimes large. Your bathroom has the potential to be just right.

Recreating and updating your bathroom is one of the best investments you can make in your home. Your bathroom is a place to relax, rejuvenate and wash away the troubles of the day.  

Everyone’s idea of this private space is unique. The perfect amount of storage. A shower or bath that massages you. A combination of lighting, air flow, vivid colors, and just the right textures can make it uniquely yours. Take a look at our bathroom gallery below to see how we’ve helped people transform their most private of rooms into a dream come true.

Deck & Patio Remodel for Santa Rosa, CA

Bring your home into the outdoors. Decks and Patios make it one with it's natural surroundings.

The right deck design not only creates a stunning face for your house but also brings your family out into the world. Imagine a delicate, enclosed garden space where you can retreat to read a book, take a snooze in the hammock, or talk on the phone in privacy. How about an open space with a full bar and gourmet kitchen so you can entertain guests by firelight? Or simply lie back in an oversized hot tub with the warm water bubbling around you as you rest your head and reacquaint yourself with the stars.

From simple and clean to the ultimate in outdoor luxury, we bring nature into your home. Have a look at some of the deck and patio work we’ve done for other clients.

  • Top Quality Remodel

    We live in a home built in 1935 and decided it was time to remodel. Steve did a top quality remodel for us, never seeming to be phased by some of the challenges. Steve’s work habits made it manageable for us to continue living in our home in spite of the remodeling going on.

    - David & Susan (Occidental, CA)

  • Craftsman-like Attitude

    Steve did an office, den and deck remodel for me and I would happily go back to him in the future. Steve was prepared for the job with a realistic budget; he was always courteous, neat, professional and fun, with good ideas and a craftsman-like attitude. It's great to interact with people of integrity who care about doing a quality job.

    - Donna (Forestville, CA)

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